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3 décembre 2012 1 03 /12 /décembre /2012 21:18


In front of your eyes completly open, as big as the moon, you see my words in English into this columns !


Yes, I'm going to do my first post in the Shakespeare's language ! No ? … Yes ! …. Amazing !!!!


Hola ! … Quietly Bijou* … I begin to see some of you crying because of me. He is funny ! He is a good writter** ! He is beautifull ! And now he speaks in an other language ? …

No ... It's not a normal English … It's my own language translated in an appriximate English … But, I'm a dorkface … You, already, have seen it.


Why do I do this ?***


Because, I've seen myself. I'm near the beginning of the end of my life … It makes me flip ! My trousers are durty !


Certainly, I've not the worst life in the world … My child haven't make me insane … I'm not working too much … I haven't to kill some old women to take their money …


Yes … And what about the Rock'n Roll ? The glory ?


When I was young, I imagined me crossing the world on the back of a nude woman, with a lot of weed in my pocket, running on a street paved of fun. I should fight the devil of Babylon to give more freedom to the earth. Something between Jesus and Johnny Rotten.


And now ? … Now … Bheuuuheuuuuuuheuuuuu ! ….


But you, the man who speaks in english from his mother, you are my last chance of being rich and famous ! I'm all what you like.


I'm french ! I'm funny ! I speak loud, all what you even think ! I'm a daddy like you, as bad, as good.


Now, you have seen ? I'm so typic and modern, ...No ? … Ha yes ! We are okay !You never see a joke's writter like me !


So ! Now, you call all your friends and you show them the blog of this 'crazy french'. When my web popularity will be near Kubrick, then you will call some newspaper. I'm not an Oger, we could begenning little, by something as the New York Times or the Washington Post.


And then, it's good life : Sex, drugs, big cars and Sauerkrauts with meat. But, be calm, I won't forget you ...


It's your turn ! Go, go, go … Clik at the right place for me !


But … Before, you call Mr Obama or Queen Elisabeth, one last think … Excuse my english ...


* Don't try to understand if you're not French

** The first, who says it's wrong, will eat his tears !

*** I don't if this sentance means something but I love the words !

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armeuleu 03/12/2012 22:25

Ouais! Ouais! OUAIS!!!!! OUAIS!!!!! Yesss! Yawohl! Da! Schroumdefünd!

Fred 03/12/2012 23:36

merci ...